The Republican National Committee is moving part of its spring donor retreat next month to Mar-a-Lago from a nearby hotel for a dinner speech that will be headlined by former president Donald Trump, according to Republicans involved in the planning of the event.

The move, which highlights the former president’s continued grip over the GOP, comes amid a spat over the use by RNC and other Republican organizations of Trump’s likeness and image in fundraising, as well as anxiety about how Trump plans to use his influence in the 2022 midterms.

The weekend retreat in early April for the party’s most influential donors will be at a luxury hotel in Palm Beach, Fla., as in past years. But the RNC has decided to move the Saturday evening portion of the schedule to the former president’s private club to accommodate Trump and guests who would like to visit the site, according to officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe the plans.

The national party will sign a contract with Mar-a-Lago to host the event and will be paying Trump’s club for the use of the facilities and the meal, according to a Republican involved in the planning, who declined to share the size of the fee.

The person said it would be easier to accommodate such a large event that includes Secret Service logistics at the former president’s club, and that many GOP donors liked visiting Mar-a-Lago, where Trump has been living since he left the White House.

Spending money at the club is also likely to curry favor with Trump, who often attended GOP events during his presidency when they were held at his hotels. During the Trump administration, the RNC donor retreat was regularly held at a Palm Beach hotel, with a portion at Mar-a-Lago….



Trump gets paid by Party, Secret Service and everybody else….