Ever since Joe Biden was elected president, one phrase perhaps more than any other has become a lightning rod on conservative media and social media: “president-elect.” Twitter users who doubted Biden’s status as such attached the phrase to their profiles, sarcastically suggesting they had about as much claim to the title as Biden did. Some conservative TV hosts avoided the term, stressing that President Trump’s legal challenges were ongoing and that the process should be allowed to play out.

Those challenges have universally fizzled, and the electoral college confirmed Biden’s status as president-elect Monday.

But conservative media still haven’t quite figured out what to do with the phrase. And the last 24 hours have been especially telling on that front.

Newsmax and One America News have been vying to outflank Fox News on the right by offering more sycophantic and credulous coverage of Trump — particularly when it comes to regurgitating his and his allies’ baseless claims of voter fraud. This appears to have paid dividends, with Newsmax in particular rising as Fox’s ratings have taken a hit under bashing from Trump, who is upset that some of the network’s straight-news hosts and reporters have recognized that he lost…..