In these pages, we have had some discussion of whether we could have a Bernie Sanders-Elizabeth Warren (or vice versa) ticket this coming year. It’s novel, since vice-presidential candidates have usually been chosen to “balance” the ticket, geographically or ideologically, as when JFK picked LBJ, or when Reagan pickedGHW Bush.

Bernie and Warren are both New Englanders, and with very similar messages. That’s why this would be unique.

Joe Biden has consistently led the field, in almost every poll, and usually by a commanding number. However, that number is still a small minority of one-fifth to one-third. If Bernie and Warren joined forces, would they bring all their followers, catapulting ahead of Biden?

As we noted in a post, Bernie and Warren share a similar outlook and have refrained from attacking each other in the debates. What if they ran as a team, not as traditional president-vice president, but as co-presidents. As we also noted, in 1980 Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan discussed such an arrangement, but in the end, Reagan refused to cooperate, and Ford ended up losing to Jimmy Carter that year. However, Reagan didn’t like GHW Bush that well, so he tried to talk President Ford into becoming his vice president which would have been a strange move for Ford. And, of course, Reagan was not likely to share power with anyone.

However, the concept of “co-presidents” is not new. Business Insider explains why it’s sometimes done in business…



Personally ?

I think this whole idea is  for attention…